Meet the Dogs

Dolly is a beautiful German Short Haired Pointer. She has a drive that is almost too much to handle in the house, but when she hits the fields, look out! She will hold her point all day and despite what I think, she usually knows better than me.

Watson is the youngster of the group. He is a Bracco Italiano. Most people have no idea what breed he is, but we don’t mind. He usually gets the most attention and everyone wants to know why I have a “bloodhound” for bird hunting. He lets his skills do the talking.

Wes is the lazy Beagle. He has hit retirement age. Retirement from what, I don’t know. He spends his time stealing my kids sandwiches and napping. We had a love/hate relationship for his first 9 years. We now have a mutual understanding. He is a Beagle and I’ll never change that.