Episode 01: Interview with Anthony Ferro of Fetching Feathers

Anthony Ferro of Fetching Feathers joins us for an interview. We cover topics from HR 621 and HR622 to how Anthony created Fetching Feathers and his long term goals.

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  1. Great 1st official Pod-Cast!

    I agree with some of the closing comments… upland hunting is seen as a sport that old guys do, running around fields with dogs and old rusty shotguns. It is not appealing to market. I think people like you, Anthony, the guys at Project Upland and social media figures like Upland_Lowlife, etc. have the right ingredients to make it happen. We need “heroes” that appeal to the next generation of upland hunters (otherwise this way of life will die). Again, I think we have the great main ingredients for it… we just need to keep pushing and not lose sight. Keep up the great work! Looking forward to the next podcast!

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